Helena is the capital city of the state of Montana situated in the United States of America. The city has an estimated population of 25,780 while the rest of the area around it has a total population of 67,636 according to the census of 2000. The city is also the county seat of the County of Lewis and the County of Clark. Total area occupied by the city of Helena is 14 square miles or 36.3 km². The most popular local newspaper published in the city of Helena is called the Independent Record. The local airport that serves the city of Helena is called Helena Regional Airport. Helena came into being in the year 1864 on the 30th of October. The main street of the city of Helena is called Last Chance Gulch and winds down the primitive path of the creek through the old inhabitation. The city was established after Four Georgian’s had discovered gold in the Last Chance Creek. The town was called Crab town dedicating the name to one of the four Georgians called John Crab. Then the local miners changed the name to Helena. The site of the old town was looked in the year 1865 by Captain John Wood. He was the first person who surveyed the town of Helena. The city was organized then along the paths used by the miners who followed the way of the streambed. The city is thus not very well defined and many prime streets lead to dead ends.

The St. Helena Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments in the city of Helene, Montana. The symbol that represents Helena is called The Guardian of the Gulch which is a watch tower that was built in the year 1886. The tower overlooks the old downtown area of the city and stands tall and proud to this day.