The state of Nebraska is situated in the Midwestern part of the United States of America and lies on the Great Plains. Nebraska is surrounded by several other Midwestern states that forms borders with it on all sides. The name of the state of Nebraska is derived from a word belonging to the Chiwere language that comes originally because of the Platte River that runs across the entire landscape of the state. The word can be translated in English into Flat water. The state of Nebraska was once popular as an old Great American Desert. Presently the land of Nebraska is one of the most fertile amongst all other areas of the United States of America. It is not only a successful agricultural terrain but also a popular ranching location as compared to other surrounding states. The people of the state are called Nebraskans and are sometimes also called as Cornhuskers. The word is also used as a nickname for the state of Nebraska. The territory of Nebraska came into being in the year 1854. it was formulated on may 30th as part of the Kansas-Nebraska Act this act resulted in the formation of the territory of Nebraska and the territory of Kansas. The capital city of the territory of Nebraska was Omaha. The present day capital city of the state is the city of Lincoln while Omaha is acknowledged as the largest city of the state.

In the year 1860 Nebraska had an insurgence of farmers who had claimed the land that was declared independent by the federal Government of the United States of America. The first homes that were built on the land comprised of sod and belonged to the migratory farmers. Nebraska was acknowledged as a state in the year 1867 and was the 37th state to be admitted in the union. The total area occupied by the state of Nebraska is 77,421 sq miles.