The City of Lincoln is the capital city of the state of Nebraska which is situated in the United States of America. It is the also second most populated city of the state of Nebraska. The city of Lincoln is the Lancaster County’s seat.

The University of Nebraska is also situated in the city of Lincoln. The population of the city of Lincoln is approximately 241,167 according to the 2006 census.

Lincoln was founded as a small village in the year 1856 and was declared the county seat of Lancaster County in the year 1859. The old capital of Omaha was replaced by Lancaster despite the resistance to the transfer. After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln the city was renamed from Lancaster to Lincoln. The city of Lincoln was declared Nebraska’s capital simultaneously with its acceptance in the union in the year 1867 on the 1st of March.

Even before the official capital of the state had changed Lancaster housed the maximum number of Nebraskans in the direction of south from the River of Platte that runs throughout the state of Nebraska. The total area occupied by the city of Lincoln is 75.4 sq miles or 195.2 km² of which the total land area is 74.7 sq miles or 193.3 km² while the water is measured up to 0.7 sq miles or 1.9 km². The city lies at an elevation of 358 m.

The metropolitan area of Lincoln comprises of two counties namely the Seward County and the Lancaster County. The city does not have many surrounding suburbs and the largest one is called Waverly.

Lincoln’s economy is based primarily on the service sector while banking, insurance industry, railway and truck transportation and information technology happen to be the other primary contributors. A great amount of economic turnover also results by the presence of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.