Omaha is the largest city in terms of area situated in the state of Nebraska, United States. It is also the Douglas County’s county seat and has a total population of 427,872 according to the census of the year 2006. The city of Omaha lies towards the end of the eastern part of the state of Nebraska and it is situated close to the River of Missouri. The River of Platte lies at a distance of 20 miles from the south of the city of Omaha. The Metropolitan area called the Omaha-Council Bluffs has its head office in the city of Omaha and the remaining area called Council Bluffs lies on the other side of the River of Missouri in the state of Iowa. The population of these areas combined is approximately 1.2 million ranking them on number 60 amongst all the other metropolitan areas of the United States of America. The initial settlements around the area were situated on the River of Missouri and went up to the Lone Tree Ferry and crossed into Iowa. The nickname given to the city of Omaha because of this trait was of the Gateway to the West. The city was a major pathway and center of transportation activities in the early 19th century.

Today Omaha is well known for the rich cultural background exhibited by its several museums and centers including the Holland Performing Arts Center, Joslyn Art Museum, Playhouse Omaha Community and the Durham Museum. Music has been raised and nurtured in the city of Omaha and the music created in the northern parts of the city has been spread all across the United States and is known as the Omaha Sound.

The city is a prospering area both culturally as well as economically and forms one of the major components of Nebraska’s revenues as well as intellectual and artistic growth.