Carson City

Carson City has the status of being the capital of the State of Nevada, which is one of the states of the United States of America. The official name of Carson City is the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City. According to figures collected in the year 2006, Carson City is home to more than fifty seven thousand people. Carson City was found when the mining industry was in a period of high growth, and this is similar to most of the towns of Nevada. Nowadays Carson City is an autonomous city, as well as being a Metropolitan Statistical Area of its own. The city is a major hub of the mining of silver, and is named after Kit Carson, who was an explorer. It was also the seat of the Ormsby County, but which no longer is a county.

There are three hundred and sixty three Metropolitan Statistical Areas which have been specified by the United States Central Bureau. Carson City has the status of being the smallest of all of them. Reno is the largest city which is located near to Carson City, and it is at a distance of thirty miles due north. There are two capital cities in the United States of America which are bordered to another state. Besides the city of Trenton in New Jersey, Carson City is the only capital city which has this characteristic.

The high altitude desert valley in which Carson City is situated has an elevation of four thousand seven hundred and thirty feet above sea level. There are four different seasons which occur in Carson City, and all of them are fairly mild as compared to a number of different places of the United States. There is moderate snowfall in the winter, while the summer seasons are quite dry. The major part of the precipitation occurs in the spring and winter season.