Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the cities of the state of Nevada which is located in the United States of America. It has the status of being the city if the state of Nevada with highest population, as well as being the seat of the Clark County. There are a number of reasons why Las Vegas is very well known all over the world. The major ones are that it is a major vacation city for entertainment, shopping, and the gaming industry. Las Vegas has been given the title of The Entertainment Capital of the World. There are a number of casino resorts established here which are lavish and huge, and there are no restrictions on the availability and legality of adult entertainment and alcoholic beverages. This is also the case in any place in the whole of Nevada. Las Vegas has also been called Sin City, and this image has made the city very popular as a setting for television programs as well as films.

The city of Las Vegas was established in the year 1905, but it formally became a city in the year 1911. The city grew at a very fast pace, and this resulted in the level of population growing as well. Because of this, Las Vegas gained the status of being the most highly populated city which was found in the twentieth century. In the nineteenth century, this similar status was held by Chicago. In the nineteenth century is situated in the America West, and it is one of the most highly populated cities of this region. It ranks twenty eighth with respect to the level of population among all the other cities of the United States of America.

The climate of in the nineteenth century can be classified as being an arid desert climate. This climate is characteristic of the Mojave Desert. The weather in the summer season is very hot. On the other hand the winter seasons have a very mild weather.