New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the states of the United States of America and it is situated in the New England region of the country which is in the north eastern part of the United States of America. The name of the state comes from a southern English county, the name of which is Hampshire. With respect to land area, the state of New Hampshire ranks forty fourth among all the other states of the country, and it ranks forty sixth and forty first with respect to total area and level of population respectively. On January 21 in the year 1776 New Hampshire became separated from Great Britain. It thus became the first sovereign nation of the Americas in the post colonial era. When the United States was founded after a period of six months, New Hampshire was one of the initial thirteen states. When the United States Constitution was ratified and brought into effect, the state of New Hampshire was the ninth state which ratified it. There is no personal income tax or general sales tax on the local level or the state level in New Hampshire, and it is the only state to have this feature.

There are a number of nicknames which are used for New Hampshire, but the one which is mostly used is The Granite State. This nickname comes from the fact that the state is self sufficient and also refers to the geology of the state. The other nicknames are not used so much.

Various recreational activites are offered by the state of New Hampshire, such as different winter sports including skiing, motor sports on the New Hampshire International Speedway, watching the foliage in the fall season, taking part in a motorcycle rally called Bike Week which is held every year in June in Laconia, and spending some time relaxing in a numerous summer cottages which are situated along various lakes.