The city of Trenton is one of the cities of the state of New Jersey which is located in the United States of America. The city has the status of being the capital of the state, as well as being the county seat of Mercer County. According to figures collected in the year 2006, the city of Trenton was home to more than eighty thousand people.

In the beginning, Trenton was a part of the Hunterdon County. A constable was decided to be appointed for the city on June 3 in the year 1719. On the same day in the next year boundaries were formed for the Township of Trenton, and it subsequently became the capital of the state of New Jersey on November 25 in the year 1790.

The total area covered by the city is around eight square miles. Out of this around twenty square kilometers is covered by land, and the remaining area is covered by water. The area covered by water amounts to six percent of the total area. The city of Trenton is surrounded by the Hamilton Township, the Ewing Township, the Delaware River, and the Lawrence Township. There are a number of bridges built on the Delaware River which are used to link Trenton to the city of Morrisville in the state of Pennsylvania.

The climate of Trenton is classified as being a humid continental climate. The Atlantic Ocean which is situated near to the city affects the climate to a certain extent. There are four seasons every year, and all of them last for more or less the same period. The level of precipitation is also dived equally throughout the year. The average level of precipitation is around forty six inches annually, and the average level of snowfall is around twenty five inches annually.. It is extremely rare that the temperature goes above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit or below zero.