Albuquerque is the grandest city situated in the state of New Mexico which is located in the United States of America. The city is the county seat of the Bernalillo County and lies in the center of the state of New Mexico. The total area occupied by the city of Albuquerque is approximately 181.3 sq mi or 469.5 km². The total population of the city is 448,607 as estimated by the census conducted in the year 2000. In seven years the population of the city has reached somewhere around 523,590. The total population of the metropolitan area of Albuquerque is approximately 841,133 according to the census of 2007.

Albuquerque ranks on number 32 amongst all the cities of the United States of America and ranks on number two amongst the list of rapidly growing cities within the USA.

The Metropolitan area of Albuquerque includes the city of Rio Rancho and together the two form the pair who have the most rapid growth rate amongst all the cities of the United States of America. University of New Mexico is situated in the city of Albuquerque

The city is also crossed by the river of Rio Grande which flows from the direction of north toward south and crosses from within Albuquerque. The total area of the city that is covered by water is approximately 0.6 sq miles or 1.7 km². The city was originally discovered in the beginning of the 18th century in the year1706 and was a Spanish colonial outpost in those times. The outpost belonged to the area of Ranchos de Albuquerque and hence the place is richly dominated by the Spanish culture and heritage. The old town which is also called as La Placita is built in the architecture of the old Spanish times and is a historic site to dwell in.

The area is now opened by the government of Albuquerque as a public museum and is the hub of the city’s culture.