Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe is one of the cities of the state of New Mexico. It has the status of being the capital of the state, as well as the seat of Santa Fe County. With respect to size it ranks third among all the other cities of Santa Fe. According to figures collected in the month of April in the year 2000, Santa Fe was home to more that sixty two thousand people. And in the month of July in the year 2006, the population amounted to more than seventy two thousand people. The city is a part of the Santa Fe-Espanola Combined Statistical Area, as well as of the New Mexico Metropolitan Area, being its main city. The metropolitan area of New Mexico extends to the whole of the Santa Fe County.

The city of Santa Fe covers an area of around ninety seven square kilometers, out of which around thirty seven square miles is covered by land, and the remaining area is covered by water. Santa Fe is located above sea level at an altitude of seven thousand feet. This makes it rank first among all the other capital cities of the United States of America with respect to height.

In Santa Fe, the weather in the summer season is warm, and the weather in the winter season is cool. The level of rainfall every month amounts to around fifty millimeters to seventy five millimeters in the months of summer. In the winter season the level of snowfall amounts to around five inches per month.

There are a large number of artists which live in the areas surrounding the town as well as inside the town. They try to paint the fauna and the flora of the city, as well as the landscape’s natural beauty. One of the artists who are known very well is Georgia O’Keeffe. He mostly used to live in a town called Abiquiu which is at a distance of eighty kilometers from Santa Fe.