The city of Charlotte is one of the cities of the state of North Carolina which is situated in the United States of America. The city has the status of being the largest city of the state, as well as being ranked twentieth with respect to size among all the cities of the United States. There are several metropolitan areas which are larger than the one of Charlotte, but in the area in the middle of Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Baltimore, it is the largest city. According to the figures collected in the year 2006, Charlotte was home to more than six hundred and thirty thousand people. This figure was forty six percent less in the year 1990. The inhabitants of the city are known as Charlottean. Charlotte is also the seat of the Mecklenburg County.

The city has been named after the Queen of Mecklenburg, Queen Charlotte, and in her honor. As a result it has also been given the nickname the Queen City. Another nickname is The Hornet’s Nest, as the city was a major source of rebellion during the American Revolutionary War.

According to the figures collected in the year 2006, the metropolitan area of Charlotte was home to around 1583016 people. Because of the low crime rates, the high level of employment opportunities, and the easy affordability of houses, the city has been declared by in the year 2008 as the best place to live in.

The area covered by the city is around six hundred and twenty nine square kilometers, out of which around six hundred and twenty eight square kilometers is covered by land, and the remaining area is covered by water.

The climate of Charlotte is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. The weather in the summer is hot and humid, and in the winter season the weather is mild.