Ohio is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the mid western part of the country. It is a geographical junction as well as a cultural hub of the continent of North America, and is a part of the region of the Great Lakes. Before the Europeans first came to the state of Ohio, a number of Native American tribes used to live here, such as Miamis, Shawnee, Wyandots, and Iroquis. It was in the starting of the year 1700 when people from the Upper South, New England, Appalachia, and the Mid Atlantic States first started to from settlements here. The people who live in Ohio are known as Buckeyes, or Ohioans.

Before the year 1984, the state of Ohio was considered by the Census Bureau of the United States to be a part of the North Central Region. This was changed by dividing the North Central Region into two parts, and renaming the whole region Midwest. After this change Ohio became a part of the East North Central States portion. With respect to the level of population, the state of Ohio ranks seventh among all the states of the United States, and with respect to the population density it ranks first among all the states which are not part of the Eastern Seaboard.

The climate of most of the state is classified as being a humid continental climate, while the areas in the southern most parts of the state of Ohio, called the Bluegrass Region, have a climate which is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. The weather in the summer season is usually hot and humid all over the state, while the in the winter season the weather ranges from being cool to cold. The number of tornadoes which hit the state is comparatively lesser as compared to the other states which are a part of the “Tornado Alley”.