Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital city of the state of Oklahoma. It is ranked on number 30 amongst all the states of United States of America. It is also the county seat of the Oklahoma County with a total population of 537,734.

The Oklahoma City-Shawnee metropolitan area has a total population of 1,262,027 while the population of the Oklahoma Metropolitan Area alone is 1,192,989. The city is for the most part located in the Oklahoma County but its extensions pass into the counties of Pottawatomie, Canadian and Cleveland. The city was inhabited during the Land Run in the year 1889 and has been the site of many historic events since its establishment. The density op Oklahoma City’s population is 871.5/sq miles. The area was inhabited as unassigned land that was opened for inhabitation by the state. The area that was settled on at that time by approximately 10,000 people is today’s down town. The population has been on the rise since that day and now the city is actually the capital city of the state. The city was acknowledged as a capital before the admittance of the state in the union.

In 1993, the city started implementing developmental projects for the betterment of the Metropolitan area in the old downtown. This was part of the development of the city’s central parts and included not only structural reforms but also libraries, basketball courts as well as a convention center. Many housing schemes have been successfully completed in the Oklahoma City which has been very beneficial for the construction and development firms. There was another project that was suggested by the name of the Core to Shore project for relocation of a part of the south of the city and replacement of the old area by a boulevard. The City’s bird eye view is rapidly changing and soon it will stand next to the more developed capital cities of the United States.