Oregon is one of the states in the United States of America that is situated towards the northwestern Pacific side of the country the state was admitted into the union in the year 1859 on the 14th of February. It was the 33rd state to have joined the union at that time. The region forming the state of Oregon was formerly an area of American settlement called Oregon Territory and was formed in the year 1848. The state is present in between California and Washington towards the north and the state of Nevada in the South. Towards the east of the state of Oregon lies Idaho. There are two rivers which form the boundary of the state namely the Snake River and Columbia River. The city of Salem ranks on number three amongst all the cities in the state and is also the capital city of the state. In terms of area it ranks on number nine amongst all the states of the United States of America with a total area of 98,466 sq miles or 255,026 km².

The state has a very diverse landscape ranging from dense forests and glaciated mountains. The population ranks on number 27 in the United States of America with a total of 3,421,399 residents. The population density of the area is 35.6/sq miles.

Certain parts of the state of Oregon are densely populated and also very productive agriculturally, the most eminent of these is the valley of the Willamette River which lies in the western part of the state. The areas also include deserts, semi-arid scrublands, and prairies as well as pine forests which are in the northeastern part of the state.

Nike is the largest brand that is housed in the state of Oregon and there are many more small and large businesses situated in the area.