Portland is one of the cities of the state of Oregon which is situated in the United States of America. It is situated near the point where the Columbia and the Willamette Rivers meet. The city of Portland is home to more than five hundred and sixty eight thousand people. According to these figures to has the status of being the city with the most population among all the other cities of Oregon. Besides that, in the Pacific Northwest, it ranks third with respect to the level of population, and only comes after the city of Vancouver, which is situated in British Columbia, and the city of Seattle, which is situated in the state of Washington. The Metropolitan Area of Portland is home to around two million people. These figures were collected in July in the year 2006, and make the city rank twenty third among all the other cities of the United States.

It was in the year 1851 when the city of Portland was formed. It has the status of being the seat of the Multnomah County. In the west, the part of the city lies in the Washington County, and in the south, part of it lies in the Clackamas County. The government which governs the city is commission based, and is led by four commissioners and a mayor. Hugh O’Bryant was the first mayor of the city of Portland, and his term lasted for a year.

The climatic region in which the city of Portland is situated is the Marine West Coast climate region. The weather in the summer season is warm, and there is rain as well. in the winter season the weather is mild. The climate f the city is perfect for the growing of roses. This has given the city the nickname of The City of Roses, and it has been there for more than a century.