The city of Providence is one of the cities of the state of Rhode Island which is situated in the United States of America. The city has the status of being the capital of the city, as well as being the city which has the most population as compared to all other cities of the state. Other than that, the city can also claim to be one of the cities which were the first ones to be established. Providence is located in the New England region of the country and in the Providence County. It ranks third among all the other cities of Providence with respect to size. According to figures collected in the year 2006, the city was home to more than one hundred and seventy five thousand people, which makes it rank thirty sixth among all the other cities with respect to the level of metropolitan population. The city is situated at the place where the Providence River has its mouth, which is on the Narragansett Bay. There are a large number of streets which run through the city and which have a seemingly irregular pattern. The level of population is inconsistent too, as it keeps on changing.

It was in the year 1636 when Roger Williams, who was in exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious reasons, found the city. He believed that the city was found by him as it was God’s will for him to find this location and form a city here. He name the city on this belief as well; in reverence to God’s merciful Providence. The city was among the initial cities of the country which began to industrialize. The industries which were responsible for making Providence well known were the silverware and the jewelry industries. Nowadays, the city has expanded into the areas of health care and higher education as well.