Columbia is the capital as well as the largest city of the state of South Carolina situated in the United States of America. The total population of the capital city the state of South Carolina is estimated to be 122,819. Columbia is the county seat of the County of Richland; however a small part of the city also encroaches upon Lexington County. The city has a metropolitan area with a residential population estimated to be 716,030. The name of the city of Columbia originates from the poetic name of the famous Christopher Columbus.

The city is situated in the midland region of the state of South Carolina and lies at a distance of 21 kilometers from the center of the state towards the direction of Northwest. There are many counties located in the center of the states of which is also the County of Richland to which the city of Columbia belongs. The city was discovered in the late 18th century in the year 1786 and the original inhabitation of Columbia was located at the site of the modern day capital. The city hold the honor of pioneering city planning in the United States of America as it is one of the first of its kind. Columbia offers excellent residential and recreational environment and promises a great quality of life to its citizens. The city has many park, cultural and architectural gems as well other attractions that keep residents refreshingly busy. The city is situated in between the merging point of two rivers and thus is also famous for holding kayak festivals.

Along with this Columbia also houses one of the biggest theatre groups of the United States of America as well as holds the honor of being declared as one of the most residentially apt communities of the USA.

Columbia is also now popular as an abode for those seeking retirement because of the comfortable and culturally enriched lifestyle.