South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the states of the United States of America which is located in the central western part of the country. It is named after two Native American tribes by called Dakota and Lakota. The states was given admission in the union after accepting the constitution of the United States of America in the year 1889 on the 2nd of November simultaneously with the state of North Dakota

South Dakota is divided into two halves by the River of Missouri and these are not merely divides of land but also of economy and culture. The halves are East River and West River and are distinct from each other. The state also has a mountain covered with pine trees in the southwestern part called the Blank Hills. These hills were sacred to Native American Indians. The economy of the region is based on agriculture and the state has an overall rural inclination. The state is now attempting modifications in its approach in order to improve the lifestyle of the residents of the state. The natives of the region are called as South Dakotan. The total population of the state of South Dakota is 781,919 and it ranks on number 46 in terms of residents amongst all the states of the United States of America. The population density of the state is one of the lowest recorded all over USA. The total area occupied by the state of South Dakota is 77,116 sq miles or 199,905 km² and it is on number 17 compared to other states of the USA.

The state is famous for Mt. Rushmore which is located on the Black hills. It is one of the most famous national landmarks and the hills also hold religious importance to the natives of the region. South Dakota is changing its economic strategy from rural to urban in order to increase the size of its population.