Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is the largest city situated within the state of South Dakota and it is located in the county of Minnehaha as well as the Lincoln County. The county seat of the Minnehaha County is the city of Sioux Falls while the Lincoln County receives only a small extension of the main city. The total population of the main city according to the census of 2000 was recorded to be 123,975 and is now expected to have increased to 142,396. The metropolitan area of Sioux Falls is small and has an expected total population of 212,911.

The city also has a popular market area with a population of city of 1,043,450 called the DMA. The city was inhabited on the banks of the Big Sioux River in the year 1856. Sioux Falls is located on the Great Plains and is a place where the rural and urban communities of the state indulge into business and socialize. During the ice age that passed 14000 years ago there were falls in the Big Sioux River which have laid a great impact on the historical records of the city and neighboring areas. There are many mounds indicating burial at the banks of the river and help one imagine the catastrophe of the falls. The people of Sioux Falls were controlling an agricultural society that built villages on previously settled areas.

The evidence of the prime visit of the Europeans to the city of Sioux Falls was documented by French people and is recorded to be in the early eighteenth century. The total area on which the city expands is approximately 68.9 sq miles or 145.9 km² of which the land is about 67.2 sq miles 145.9 km² while water is 1.7 sq miles. The state was also explored along with the city of Sioux Falls by traders as well as explorers.