Nashville is the largest city situated within the state of Tennessee which lies in the United States of America. The city is located in the county of Davidson and is the county seat. The most populous city of the state of Tennessee is Memphis after which comes the capital city of Nashville.

The total population of the main city according to the census of 200 was recorded to be 613,856. The total area occupied by the city of Nashville is about 526.1 sq miles of which the land area is 502.2 sq miles and the water area is estimated to be 23.9 sq miles. The city lies on the River of Cumberland in the Davidson County and is basically located in the central north part of the state of Tennessee. Nashville is truly the capital city of the state as it is the center of art, education, economy, banking, transportation, healthcare as well as entertainment. The system of government enforced in Nashville is of a consolidated county city and it has seven small municipal areas under its supervision.

The population of the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area which comprises of 13 counties is estimated to be1, 486,695 according to the census of 2006. Nashville is the most rapidly proliferating metropolitan area in the entire state of Tennessee. The city was discovered in the year 1779 and was incorporated in the year 1806 at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Today the city that is inhabited along the River of Cumberland happens to be the most rapidly expanding part in the south of the country between the states of Texas and Atlanta. There are many projects in the pipeline for development of the city and the downtown area and many other residential projects are also under consideration.

The most eminent plan includes construction of the Signature Tower which is being foreseen as the tallest building of USA outside the premises of the states of New York and Chicago.