The state of Utah is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the western part of the country. It was on January 4 in the year 1896 when the state of Utah joined the Union, and became the forty fifth state to do so. There are more than two million and six hundred thousand people living in Utah. The inhabitants of the state are known as Utahns. Of the total population of Utah, around eighty eight percent live in an urban concentration known as the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake City is situated in the center of the Wasatch Front. There are large parts of the state which are almost unoccupied. This has made the state of Utah rank sixth among all the states of the United States with respect to urbanization of the population. The name of the state, Utah, comes from a word of the Ute Indian language, which when translated into English means people of the mountains.

The landscape of the state is very diverse geographically. The land is dotted with river valleys which are well watered, as well as snowcapped mountains and deserts which are stony and rugged. Around sixty one percent of the adult population of the state has a member ship with the Mormon Church, which is also called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The Mormon religion has had a major affect on the daily life and the culture of the people. This has made the city rank first among all the states of the United States with respect to the homogeneity of religion.

The state of Utah is a major hub of the industries of government services, research, transportation, mining, and information technology. Other than that Utah is also a major location for tourists looking for outdoor recreation. With respect to the rate at which the population has been growing, Utah ranks sixth among all the states of the United States, and the metropolitan area of St. George ranks first among all the metropolitan areas of the country.