Burlington is the largest city in terms of population within the state of Vermont situated in the New England region of the United States of America. It is the Chittenden County’s county seat and also called its shire town. The total population of the city of Burlington is approximately 38,889 according to the 2000 census and it forms one of the smallest Metropolitan areas on the entire of United States of America.

The areas that form part of the Metropolitan area which happens to be the largest in the state of Vermont include Burlington, village of Essex Junction, Winooski, town of Colchester, town of Essex, South Burlington and town of Williston.

The counties included in the city’s metropolitan area include the Chittenden County, Franklin County and Grand Isle County. The total population of the counties is approximately 206,007 and is one third of the total population of the state of Vermont. The

The city is located on the eastern part of the lake called Lake Champlain and lies on the north of the Bay of Shelburne. The city of Burlington is constructed on a piece of land that lies at a distance of 6 miles from the opening of the River of Winooski.

The average income for a household in the city of Burlington is about $33,070 and that of a family is about $46,012. The per capita income of Burlington is calculated to be $19,011.

The city is the headquarter of a chain of bakeries called the Bruegger’s and also has many other industries namely the Seventh Generation Inc. and Lake Champlain Chocolates.

The downtown area of Burlington city houses many shops as well famous retail outlets including American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Hollister Co. and Old Navy. There is also the downtown center mall which is famous for the major brands of the United States of America.