Montpelier is the capital city of the state of Vermont situated in the New England region of the United States of America. The city is the county seat of the Washington County and is also the location of the Vermont State House which is the legislative wing of government of Vermont. The population of the city of Montpelier according to the census of 2000 turned out to be 8,035 making it the tiniest capital city of any state belonging to the United States of America.

The earliest settlements of the city date back to the year 1787. The village of Montpelier was incorporated in the state of Vermont in the year 1818 and it was promoted to the status of the city in the year 1895. It was chartered by the General Assembly of the state of Vermont on 14th August, 1781.

Colonel Jacob Davis laid the foundations of the village of Montpelier and named it after the French city of Montpellier. The name can be broken down to Mont and peller which mean hill and shorn respectively in English. The total area occupied by the present day U.S city of Montpelier is 10.3 sq mi or 26.6 km² of which 10.2 sq miles is land and the remaining 0.1 sq miles is water. The city lies at an elevation of 182m from sea level and has a population density of 784.0/sq miles.

The average income per household of the city of Montpelier is $37,513 while the median income per family is approximately $51,818. The per capita income of the city of Montpelier is $22,599.

The city is home to many small and large industries including the only clothespin manufacturing enterprise in the United States of America.

The city is also famous for processed granite and it forms a major chunk of the economic harvest of the city.

Montpelier also holds the Green Mountain Film Festival each year.