Melbourne is the hub of economics of the country of Australia and is the second largest city of the country after Sydney in terms of population. The metropolitan area of the city of Melbourne has a total estimated population of about 3.8 million people and is the cultural as well as industrial hub of the region. The city is located at another Bay area of the country called as the Port Phillip Bay and this lies in the south eastern region of Australia. The state in which it lies is called the state of Victoria and Melbourne happens to be the capital city of the state. The residents of the city of Melbourne are called as Melburnain and this represents that they belong to the city alone. The area is also the cultural epitome of the countty and is called as the sports and cultural capital of the country of Australia. It is a happening city with many stadiums, sporting arenas as well as academic institutions. Melbourne happens to be the home of some of the finest art and science universities on the globe and is also known for hosting many sporting events in the past. The architecture of the city is popular all over the world for art historians as well as students as it provides a unique blend of the old Victorian as well as contemporary design. This is fascinating for the tourists as well researchers and adds to the beauty of the city. The origins of the city of Melbourne were laid in the year 1835 as a European settlement after the settlement of Sydney and it was built around the Yarra River.

The Victorian Gold rush helped transform the city into its current develop form and Melbourne became the asset of the country till the year 1865. The 20th century lost Melbourne its status as it was replaced in the position by the city of Sydney.