The state of Washington is one of the states of the United States of America. it is situated in the Pacific Northwest area of the country. The name of the country comes from the name of the president, George Washington. No state other than the state of Washington is named after the name of a president.

It was in the year 1889 when Washington became a part of the Union, and it became the forty second state to do so. Washington is formed from the western portion of the Washington Territory. According to figures collected by the Census Bureau of the United States of America in the year 2006, the state of Washington was home to more than six million three hundred and ninety five thousand people. The people who live in the state are known as Washingtonians. The other names of Washington are The State of Washington, or Washington State. These names are used so that one does not confuse the state with the capital of the United States, Washington D.C.

The state of Washington is situated in the north western part pf the United States. The border on its northern side is with British Columbia which is a Canadian province. In the south, Washington has a border with Oregon, and the eastern part of the southern boundary is formed by the Columbia River. In the east the state shares a border with Idaho, which is surrounded by a meridian which extends from the point at which the Clearwater River and the Snake River meet. The Pacific Ocean is situated due west of Washington. The region which is called the Pacific Northwest includes the state of Washington, as well as a part of Alaska, and either some parts or all of British Canada which is a province of Canada. In certain cases the area is only used to refer to the lands of the northwestern part of the United States.