The city of Olympia is one of the cities of the state of Washington which is situated in the United States of America. The city has the status of being the capital of the state, as well as being the county seat of the Thurston County. It was on January 28 in the year 1859 when the city of Olympia was formed. According to figures collected in the year 2000 by the Census Bureau of the United States of America, Olympia was home to more than forty two thousand people. The major cultural hub of the region known as the Puget Sound region is the city of Olympia.

The area covered by the city amounts equals to around forty eight square kilometers, out of which around forty three square kilometers is covered by land, and the rest of it, that is around five square kilometers, is covered by water. Olympia is located on the Budd Inlet which is on the southern corner of Puget Sound. The Capitol Lake has been created by building a dam on the estuary of the Deschutes River which is situated in the city. The area which forms a major part of downtown Olympia in the lower part of the city has been built on land which has been reclaimed. The climate of the city can be classified as being a Marine West Coast climate. The weather in the summer season in warm, while in the winter season the weather is mild and there is occasional rain. There is snowfall every year too, but it is very rare that the snow which falls accumulates.

The city of Olympia is famous as a provincial hub for fine arts. There are several theatre experiences which can be gained from a number of companies including the Olympia family Theatre, Harlequin Productions, Capital Playhouse, and Olympia Little Theatre.