The city of Seattle is basically a coastal port city and is situated in the Pacific Northwest part of United States of America. The city is one of the cities of the state of Washington. Seattle is situated in at a distance of one hundred and fifty four kilometers due south of the border between the United States of America and Canada in King County in the middle of Puget Sound, which is an arm of the Pacific Ocean, and Lake Washington. The city of Seattle has the status of being the county seat of the King County.

There are a number of reasons why Seattle is so well known all over the world. This city is where the music genre grunge music was born. The city is also known for the large heavy amounts of coffee which is drunk by the people. There are numerous coffee companies which were either found in the city or are based here, and these include Tully’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Starbucks. Other than that there are a lot of artistic espresso cafes and roasters which are running successful businesses. Among all the sixty nine large cities of the United States of America in the period between the years 2005 and 2006, Seattle was ranked first with respect to the number of people who are literate by the researchers at the Central Connecticut State University. In the year 2007, the city was ranked second among all the cities of the country with respect to the level of literacy. According to a survey it was found that at least around fifty percent of the people who are twenty five years old or older than twenty five have a bachelor degree at the least.

In the year 1999, the annual meeting of the World Health Organization was held in the city of Seattle. Anti globalization activists also staged their demonstrations here.