Wyoming is one of the states of the United States of America situated in the western region of the country. The landscape of Wyoming comprises of mountaine ranges and is rough and uneven. The Rocky Mountain West is dominant on most of Wyoming and Praire region makes up for the rest of the state. The state of Wyoming ranks on number 10 amongst all the states of the United States of America in terms of area and has a total land measuring about 97,818 sq miles. The state has had an increase of 5.9% in terms of population since the year 200 and currently comprises of 522,830 residents. The capital as well as the most populous city of the state of Wyoming is Cheyenne. The state is distributed in 23 counties. The state of Montana borders with Wyoming in the north while South Dakota borders it on the east along with the state of Nebraska. To the southwest of Wyoming lies Utah and on the west it borders with Idaho. The land was inhabited primarily by native American tribes namely the Lakota tribe, the Arapaho group, the Shoshone tribe and the Crow tribe. The land was explored by French discoverers in the late 18th century however documentation of the whereabouts of Wyoming appeared in the year 1812 and continues till the late 19th century. The name Wyoming became associated with the state in 1865 when the bill called temporary government was presented forward by JM Ashley. The name comes from a Musnee word which means at the big river flat and was first given to the Pennsylvanian Valley of Wyoming. The state of Wyoming was the 44th state to be admitted to the union in the year 1890 on the 10th of June almost 100 years post to its initial discovery. Wyoming is a successful mineral producing industry of the USA.