The region of Oceania, which is also known as Oceanica sometimes, is a geographical, and in some cases geopolitical region which consists of a number of islands. Most of these islands are located in and near the area of the Pacific Ocean. There are eight terrestrial eco zones in the world, and Oceania is one of them. The term Oceania is also used to refer to one of the continents when it is used in another language. The islands which are a part of the region called Oceania are divided into three sub regions. This division is done ethnologically, and the three sub regions are Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

There are a number of variations when the exact scope of the region of Oceania is defined. New Zealand is generally included in the region, and there parts of Australasia, such as New Guinea and Australia which are also included. The whole or part of the Malay Archipelago is also included sometimes.

The eight terrestrial eco zones of the country as the also the main ecological regions of the world, and Oceania is one of them. The eco zone called the Oceania eco zone includes the whole of the Micronesia sub region, as well as the whole of Polynesia excluding New Zealand, and Fiji. There is a separate zone called the Australasia eco zone which consists of New Guinea and the islands surrounding it, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Australia, and Vanuatu.

There is a multi sport event known as the Pacific Games and only countries which are situated around the Pacific can participate in it. The event was previously known as the South Pacific Games. The Pacific Games are held once after a period of very four years, and it was started in the year 1963. Even though the event it performed on a considerably smaller scale, it is similar to the Olympics.