One of the most distinct cities of the world Sydney lies within Australia and happens to be the most populous city of the country. The population of the city according to a census us about 4.28 million in the metropolitan area alone and hence it is a city full of people as well as life. The state is called the state of New South Wales; Sydney happens to be not only the most populous but also the capital city of the state in which it lies. The first British colony ever to be set up in the country of Australia was in the year 1788 in the city now known as Sydney. The pioneer of the colony was Arthur Phillip; who was leader of the very first Fleet from the country of Britain and he set the colony at the Sydney Cove. The people of the city that are native are called as Sydney sider. The city lies in the south east coast of Australia and was built around the port called Port Jackson an area which surrounds the majestic Sydney Harbor. Because of the location of the city it has been nicknamed as the harbor city. The most popular landmarks of the city of Sydney are the Sydney Harbor, Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the luscious beaches that line the coastal area. The city offers excellent natural and man made arenas of entertainment not only to the natives but also the tourists and is a fun happening place to dwell in. the city has many national parks, restaurants, river inlets and bays as well as some of the finest Boutique hotels that happen to be the specialty of the place. The City has hosted international sporting events such as the 2000 Summer Olympics and the Rugby World Cup in the year 2003.