New Zealand

New Zealand is a country on the map of the world that lies in the Pacific Ocean towards the south-western end. The country is divided into two large islands that are named as the North Island and the South Island. There are also many small islands that together with the large ones form the beautiful and secluded country of New Zealand. The most eminent of these smaller islands are the Stewart Island also called as the Rakiura as well as the Chatham Islands. The Maori called the region as Aotearoa; the translation in English being The Land of the Long White Cloud. Now the country is called as New Zealand and the ancient legends and the name that was associated with it are a thing of the past. The area also includes the island called the Cook Islands and Niue. Both these areas are in free association under the country as stated by the official claim of the country of New Zealand to the territories in the Antarctica. Also included in the pact are the regions of Tokelau; and the Ross Dependency. All these areas have their own governing systems. The region of New Zealand lies at a distance of about 2000 kilometers to the southeast of Australia and in between the two lies the Tasman Sea. The nearest human inhabitations to the country in the north are the territories of Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga.

The country has been famous for a distinct flora and fauna because of the geographical isolation that it maintained for centuries however most of the rare species disappeared after the arrival of humans in the region. The population of the ancient country of New Zealand is mostly of European heritage and the largest population in number was that of the Maori. The head of the state of country of New Zealand is Queen Elizabeth II.