Wellington is the capital city of the country of New Zealand as well as the second largest urban area. The city lies in Oceania and forms the capital city of the region as well as the most populous city according to the estimated population size of the area. The city is known as the south most lying capital city of the globe. The exact location of the city is in the region of Wellington which is situated in the south most part of the North Island of New Zealand. The North Island happens to be one of the two major islands that constitute the country of New Zealand. The city of Wellington lies almost at the tip of this island. The name of the city has a history behind it as it was named in honor of the first Duke of Wellington; victor of the Battle of Waterloo called Arthur Wellesley. He was the Duke of the town of Wellington which is in the county of Somerset, England. The earliest settlements of the area date back to the tenth century as the Kupe discovered the area then. The evidence of the European settlement dates back to the arrival of the ship Tory in the year 1839 which was followed by the Aurora settlers in the year 1840. The urban area of Wellington is surrounded by a set of mountainous ranges and the central city spreads outwards as two corridors called the Porirua Basin and the Hutt Valley. The primitive houses that were built in the city were at Petone and these were the first homes of the British settlers to be built in the now called city of Wellington. The city is now well developed and one of the most progressive areas of the world and the administration of the region is under 4 city councils.