Argentina is one of the countries of the continent of South America. It has been constituted as a federation and is an independent city. There are twenty three provinces which together form Argentina. With respect to size, it ranks eighth among all the countries of the world, and ranks second among all the countries of the continent of South America. It only comes after Brazil. The total area covered by the country is equal to more than two million seven hundred and sixty six thousand square kilometers. The area of the country extends from the Andes mountain range which is situated in the west, and goes up to the southern Atlantic Ocean which is situated in the south and the east. Argentina is surrounded by Paraguay and Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil, and Chile, in the north, the north east, and the south and west respectively.

Argentina also considers the Falkland Islands, the South Sandwich Islands, and South Georgia to be a part of the country, even though these areas are under the administration of the British. Other than that, the country also claims that more than nine hundred and sixty nine thousand square kilometers of the continent of Antarctica is a part of the country. This area is known as Argentine Antarctica. The area overlaps claims by the United Kingdom, as the British Antarctic Territory, and by Chile.

The Human Development Index and the Gross Domestic Product in purchasing power parity per capita rank first and second respectively among all the countries of Latin America. The total national Gross Domestic Product of the country ranks twenty third among all the countries of the world. Argentina is classified as being an Upper Middle Income Country. It is also referred by the World Bank as a secondary emerging market. With respect to the Gross Domestic Product, the economy of the country ranks thirty first in the world.