The Republic of Cuba, which is known as Republica de Cuba in Spanish, consists of a number of small islands, as well as the Isla de la Juventud, and the island of Cuba. Both of these are situated besides the smaller islands. The island of Cuba has the status of being both the largest island of the Greater Antilles, as well as being ranked second among all the islands of the Greater Anchilles with respect to the level of population. Cuba is located in the northern part of the Caribbean at the point where the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The country is positioned due south of the eastern part of the United States of America as well as of The Bahamas, due west of the Caicos Islands, Haiti, and the Turks, and due east of Mexico. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are situated due south of the country. The Butterfly Flower, which is also known as flor de mariposa and Hedychium coronarium J. Koenig, which is its scientific name, is the national flower of Cuba. The Tocororo, which is known in scientific terms as Cuban Trogon, is the national bird of the country. The bird comes from the Trogonidae family.

Cuba is one of the countries of the Caribbean, as well as being the most narrow minded and the most highly populated country of the region. The customs of the people, as well as their culture, comes from a number of sources. These sources include the Ciboney and the Taino people, the African slaves when they were brought to the country, the era of Spanish colonialism, and the nearness to the United States of America. The temperature of the country can be classified as being a tropical climate. The temperatures are warm and are affected by the waters in the surroundings.