L’Havana, which is known as Havana in English, and La Habana in Spanish, is one of the cities of Cuba. The official name of the city is Ciudad de La Habana. The city has the status of being the capital city of Cuba, as well being the major commercial hub and the major port of the country. There are a total of fourteen provinces in Cuba, and the city of L’Havana is one of them. L’Havana is home to more than two million people, and the urban area of the city is home to more than 2.6 million people. As per these figures, L’Havana has the status of being ranked first among all the cities of Cuba as well as the Caribbean region with respect to the level of population. The bay in which the city is located can be entered by a narrow inlet. This inlet is divided into three major harbors. These three harbors are the Atares, the Guasabacoa, and the Marimelena. The city stretches both south and west from the bay. The Almendares River flows slowly through the city from the south to the north. The river enters the Straits of Florida in the north, which is located a few mile due west of the bay.

It was in the year 1592 when L’Havana was granted the status of being a city by King Philip II, who was the ruler of Spain. It was given the titles of the Rampart of the West Indies, and the Key to the New World in the year 1634 because of its importance. L’Havana became the de facto capital of Cuba in the year 1553 when the Spaniards became constructing fortresses here. The importance of these forts was realized in the sixteenth century when the city was attacked by French, Dutch, and English sea raiders. The Spanish American war began when a U.S battleship called Maine was sunk in the harbor of L’Havana.