The United Mexican States are present in the continent of North America the system of government followed in the United Mexican States popularly known as Mexico is of a federal constitutional republic and the country lies in close proximity to United States of America. The state also shares borders with Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea and Belize towards southeast as well as the North Pacific Ocean in the south and west direction. To the east of the federal constitutional republic of Mexico lies the Gulf of Mexico. The union is formed by 21 states as well as federal district. The capital city of the United Mexican States is Mexico City with the most populous Metropolitan area in the whole wide world. The total area covered by the state of Mexico is 972,550 km² or 761,606 sq miles making it the 15th largest country of the globe with the area under water approximately 2.5% of the occupied territory. The country ranks on number 4 in terms of area amongst all the countries on the American continent with an estimated population exceeding 109 million it also ranks on number eleven amongst the most populous countries of the world. It is also a country with the maximum number of Spanish speaking residents and the only member country representative of Latin states in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The economy of the republic is that of an upper middle class with a GDP ranking of number 12 amongst all other countries of the world.

The country of Mexico is closely allied to partner nations by the North American Free Trade Agreement which has proved very beneficial for uplifting the country’s economy; however the progress is hindered by the constant security threats that the country is exposed to. The official language of the state of Mexico is Spanish which is also the national language along with other American languages. The country was formerly part of Spain in the country’s glorious days but gained independence in the year 1810 on 16th of September. It was recognized as an official state on 27th September in the year 1821.