Ciudad de México

Mexico City also called as Ciudad de México in Spanish is the capital city of the United Mexican States and is the epitome of Mexico’s culture, politics and economy. The city is also the most populous city of the country and has a total population of about 8,720,916 according to an estimate taken in 2005. The Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México simply called in English as Greater Mexico City has a total of 59municipalities included within its governance. 58 of these belong to the state of Mexico while one belongs to the state of Hidalgo in accordance with the distribution of territories amongst the states. The population of the Greater Mexico City or Zona Metropolitana Del Valle de México is about 19.2 million according to the records of the year 2006. The area is acknowledged as the largest metropolitan area of the continent of America and the second largest of the entire globe. The city has a ranking of number 8 amongst the leading GDP’s of the planet and is amongst the developed urban settlements of the region. The city is one of the only two cities that are registered as Beta Global Cities within Latin America. The total area incorporated by the city of Mexico is approximately1, 499 km² or 578.77 sq miles and the total population density is about 5,741/km² or 14,869.1/sq miles. The terms Mexico City and Federal District are applied to the same area according to the constitution of Mexico and are governed by the same institution. The District came into being in the year 1824 by incorporation of several municipalities one of which was called the municipality of Mexico City. With time the entire city expanded and emerged in the shape of a single large urban settlement and hence Mexico City and Federal District were declared as one. The city is the seat of political power of the country.