Tijuana is one of the cities of the United Mexican States which lies in the Pacific Coast at the border between the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico. The city is bordered by the city of San Diego which lies in the U.S state of California. The city of Tijuana is the most western city in the country of Mexico and is pronounced as ti’xwana in Spanish language. The city is the largest within the state of Baja California in Mexico as well as the seat of the Tijuana Municipality. The Metropolitan area of Tijuana is on number six amongst the large metropolitan areas of the United Mexican States with a total population of 1,483,992. Another part called the San Diego-Tijuana Metropolitan Area has a total population of 4,922,723 and ranks on number 14 amongst the largest metropolitan areas of the entire North America. The foundation of the city of Tijuana was laid in the year 1889. The total area incorporated in the city is approximately 637 km² or 245.9 sq miles and the city lies at an elevation of 20 meters above sea level. Total population of the city is 1,286,187 with a population density of about 2,212/km² or 5,729.1/sq miles.

The land where the present day city of Tijuana lies was formerly inhabited by a Yuman speaking group of hunters called the Kumeyaay. The Europeans arrived on the area in the year 1542 in the middle of the sixteenth century and the area was mapped in the early seventeenth century by Sebastián Vizcaíno.

Further details of the area appeared in documentation in the year 1769 by Juan Crespi and it was later given the name of the valley of Tijuana. Today the city has one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the state of Mexico and is one of the developed cities of the region.