The 5 best rent platforms

Chances are you already know about platforms such as Uber and Airbnb. But nowadays you can do a lot more than just rent your home or car to someone else for a fee. You can do that with your stuff, too. To make it even better, this means you can stop buying things you don’t really need and start renting them instead. If all this sounds good to you, check out these five most popular platforms for renting!

  1. PeerRenters

Want to rent something, but only if it is perfectly safe? PeerRenters has a system that verifies user profiles, making sure no one is looking to scam others. There is a wide range of items available for rent, especially thanks to the fact that the platform can be used by both individuals and businesses!

  1. Rentuu

Looking for a platform that would be really convenient? Rentuu might be the perfect choice for two reasons. Firstly, it offers countless items from every possible category, which means you will likely find exactly what you are looking for. Second, users say it is one of the most functional platforms out there. You can even have your stuff delivered to you!

  1. Zilok

Zilok is another platform that can be used by both individuals and businesses. As a result, it boasts a really large number of available items. It also allows you to rent vehicles, accommodation and even venues. So if you are planning a big event, this might be the right platform for you!

  1. RentMyItems

Want to start your big project, but don’t have the appropriate tools? Regardless of whether your plans include using power tools or gardening tools, you will likely find them on RentMyItems. It is one of the most popular rental platforms out there, possibly because it is so easy to use!

  1. FatLama

FatLama is a platform with a dream – their goal is to help people connect more while getting stuff done. They believe the era of buying things is over and that we are entering the era of sharing. If you want to partake in that dream, visit their site!