Events in Italy: top ten

If there is one destination that is more romantic than the rest of the world, it is certainly Italy. Everything that a romantic couple looks for is here from warm weather to breathtaking natural scenery to a delicious cuisine. However, Italy has has more to offer in cultural terms and it happens to be once place where operas, festivals and carnivals take place regularly. If you have the inclination, here is a list of the top ten events in Italy.


Palio of Siena

This is a historic cultural festival where a horse race is organized in Siena with the area divided into 17 parts and all parts having a horse and a rider for the race. Many other events take place before and after the horse race in July and August that are attended by thousands of tourists from around the world.

Florence: home of weddings

You may wonder which italian city is preferred by foreign people (especially american people) when planning a wedding in Italy. Florence is the answer. If you’re aiming to plan a marriage in Florence, you should consider an all-purposes service such as Qualcosa Di Blu Photo, which provides wedding photography as well as related wedding services in Tuscany (and florence too).

International Festival of Poetry

Held in the month of June, this international festival attracts famous poets from all parts of the world to Italy where performances, shows and concerts are held on a large scale. If you’re lucky you could hear live singer songwriters like Lisbon Soul or Anna Calvi.


Saint John’s Night

This is a festival celebrated in honor of the patron saint John. The streets in many cities of Italy, especially Genoa are lit and full of people enjoying games and music. Bonfire is lit at midnight.


La Quintana

This is a festival held in August where people dress up in medieval costumes and winners are decided and then a procession is taken out late in the night.


Musical festivals

Whole of Italy comes alive during summers with various music festivals and concerts that are held in many cities in stadiums and open squares.


Boat race of the ancient republics

This is a famous boat race that is held at a different venue around Italy every year. Known as the regatta of the ancient republics, this historic race is organized remembering four ancient republics called Venice, Pisa, Genoa, and Amalfi.


San Biagio Day

This is a two day festival held in many parts of Italy where people make merry taking out processions enjoying with food and music.



This is an archery festival that is held in Tuscany in the month of July. This is a medieval festival with processions, fireworks, and archery contests.


Festival of Madonna Bruna

This is a procession taken out in Matera that ends with spectacular fireworks in the night.


Ancient horse race

Much more than a mere horse race, this is a festival in Sardinia that involves food and music at a large scale.



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