Geographic confusion: the strange tale of Lisbon Soul


For the Italian artist from Hamburg, Lisbon Soul he has been able to go against geographical boundaries. You would expect him to sing in his native language, however he chose to sing in English, to catch a larger audience. He is a quite new artist but he is making it big in the music industry. Just to complete his background, he decided to go indie, which means he is not signed with any major label. On the contrary, he does every song on his own as you can hear on Lisbon Soul Youtube account or on Lisbon Soul Jango account.

What is the story of Lisbon Soul? As said he is a songwriter, but with a difference. The musician produces soul music using his artistic skills and guitar fingerpicking played.

The musician has been able to stay popular in an industry where new comers face all manners of challenges, because of his great talent. Besides, he mixes his vocals with his outstanding fingerpicking skills, which makes his music so natural and appealing to listen to. The artist is best known for his folkish songs, all thanks to the acoustic beats, which form a larger part of his music production.

Moreover, he has also made great strides in marketing his music using online platforms. Using his official website (or Lisbon Soul Facebook, or Lisbon Soul Twitter account) he makes his music available for download by fans.

If you are yet to listen to one of Lisbon Soul’s tracks, you had better, you won’t absolutely lose your time.

As said, the guy is really enjoyable, it’s a pleasure to listen his way of playing guitar and singing. Enjoy!