With quarantine 2021 will be the year of bricolage

Because of the Coronavirus, we have to stay at home, keeping a strict social distance, and only going out for work, emergencies, and health reasons. Staying at home can be a good opportunity to dedicate time to ourselves and to do all of those little jobs you never had time to do.

Spring cleaning

The warm season is coming, which means that spring cleaning can be done.

Better get organized and prepare a plan by writing a list of priorities. Start with the things you don’t like to do. This way, when you get to the end, you will only be left with easy and simple tasks.

Shutters and blinds collect a lot of dirt, especially if you live in a busy area. To get rid of the build-up, the best method is to remove the excess with a hoover and use a steam cleaner to clean the surface.

Spring cleaning is also an opportunity to remove dust from furniture or fabric accessories such as carpets, sofa covers, curtains, and mattresses.

To clean the sofa or carpet, you can use a hoover. For the mattress, it is best to use pure baking soda and spread it over the surface, including the cushions. Then leave it to act for half an hour and vacuum up the excess: it will be sanitized and clean.

Putting away winter clothes

Down jackets, coats, and winter clothing can be put away as the weather starts to became hotter.

The first thing to do is to declutter, i.e. get rid of the superfluous, both to change your look and to free up space in the wardrobe, which is essential if you have a small bedroom.

Before storing clothes from the winter wardrobe, it is best to wash them.

Once they have been dried and ironed, we can store winter clothes in bags and place them in the upper part of the wardrobe.

Bricolage and decoupage

Do-it-yourselfers can use lockdown to do all those little jobs left undone. Fixing a door lock that doesn’t close properly, fixing a drawer that doesn’t slide perfectly, repairing shutters or small appliances. You don’t necessarily need professional tools or painting plants, the important thing is to know what you are doing and how to fix it without causing further damage.

Those who love art and decoupage can discover creative recycling.

Caring for plants

Spring is also the time when nature awakens. If you are a plant lover, now is the right time to take care of your plants, both in your garden and inside.